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    Season 2

    Episode 10 - Apurva Chiranewala from Sendle, we talk about The Australian e-commerce issue (22/11/18)

    Episode 9 - Jesse & Krystian talk about the first year of LMN and what's next (19/11/18)

    Episode 8 - Judy Anderson from Startup Victoria, we talk about the entrepreneur's journey (15/11/18)

    Episode 7 - Katy Barfield from Yume Foods, we talk about the war on waste and startup founders (12/11/18)

    Episode 6 - Jonathan Reeve our last mile and e-commerce expert we talk about Amazon (19/9/18)

    Episode 5 - Val Brusylovsky from Boutique Retailer we talk about e-commerce (10/9/18)

    Episode 4 - David Sanders from Bestrane we talk about supply chain optimization (3/9/18)

    Episode 3 - Harrison Cleaver from Stone & Chalk talking about community building (27/9/18)

    Episode 2 - Federick Nasol our logistician in residence talks about standardization (20/8/18)

    Episode 1 - John Hopkins from Swinburne talking about supply chain innovation (13/8/18)


    Season 1

    Episode 10 - Season review (re-posted on all platforms 9/11/18)

    Episode 9 - Business systems (re-posted on all platforms 9/11/18)

    Episode 8 - Performance reporting (re-posted on all platforms 9/11/18)

    Episode 7 - Transportation (re-posted on all platforms 9/11/18)

    Episode 6 - Warehouses and DCs (re-posted on all platforms 9/11/18)

    Episode 5 - Sales and procurement (re-posted on all platforms 13/9/18)

    Episode 4 - Inventory (re-posted on all platforms 6/9/18)

    Episode 3 - Production (re-posted on all platforms 30/8/18)

    Episode 2 - Customer demand (re-posted on all platforms 22/8/18)

    Episode 1 - Introducing LMN (re-posted on all platforms 16/8/18)

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