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    What is it?


    A one-day hackathon like program in which we will try to figure out the future of waste and last-mile delivery in Australia.




    Who's it for?

    The program is open to students from a range of backgrounds (logistics, marketing, IT, engineering) as well as other professions.


    The idea is to bring a diverse group of thinkers together to come up with exciting ideas which are assessed from a range of angles.




    What's the goal?

    1. To bring people together.
    2. To ideate the future of supply chain.
    3. To build innovation into the supply chain.
  • Extra Details


    We build teams which have both young student minds and seasoned industry professionals. Together working out what the real problem is before applying a relevant solution.


    Working with sponsors is what makes this event happen. Sponsors get value from this by being directly exposed to innovation in the supply chain and fostering the next generation of ideas.


    Building innovation into supply chain, that's the goal.


    We bring together communities from all around the ecosystem, from educators to corporate sponsors and startup ecosystems. Building a framework for ideas to progress from the ether into existence.

  • The process

    Host your own ideathon. Here is a PDF download that shows you the steps.
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