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the logistics & supply chain industry and why it needs to be marketed effectively

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Here’s the thing, when it comes to logistics and supply chain, the perception right now... isn’t great. It’s not a sexy subject, its unknown, its hidden in a corner and generally ignored. But that needs to change because we are living in a point in time where the most exciting confluence of people, technology, and globalization is taking place. We are at a point where creativity, technical skills, interpersonal abilities and a whole host of other elements are coming together in new and exciting ways.

This is why logistics needs to be marketed more effectively, this is why LMN exists. Because with all of these elements coming together along with new advancements in robotics, analytics, and 3D printing just to name a few. We are at a point where not only do we have the means of pushing the industry forward, we have some people actively trying to do it.

This is where a logistician becomes all the more important, with current misperceptions, 'some people' isn't enough. And big-time opportunities are being by a whole host of next-generation talent because people don't know what supply chain is. This means the industry, which is the backbone for pretty much every operation, is being held back. So if we are to have an industry which is striving and flying high, throwing out new ways to implement innovations, we need the right people in place to it.

That's why LMN is putting so much time and effort into trying to make supply chain cool because we are at the early stages of a revolution. A technical and exciting one, one which needs fresh young talent to be excited by the industry - instead of scared away or not interested. We need new minds to have access to as much information as quickly and as easily as possible... We have the ability to do something about this, so we are doing all that we can with the resources we have available.

If we work together, sharing, learning, understanding and experimenting with innovative ideas - we can improve the industry in ways we haven’t even thought of yet.

Logistics is cool, get on with it.

Written By Krystian