• About LMN


    LMN is a blog and a podcast, the point of it is to talk about the world of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in an honest and fun way that anybody can understand. Unmasking the making the murky and mysterious world which has an underlying impact on peoples daily lives, and trying to understand how it all works.


    Logistics and Supply Chain Management covers many different topics on a wide spectrum of different concepts and applications, from delivering goods to processes, metrics, material handling and the systems which run the show. Along with this, there are parallel topics that impact L&SCM, such as startups, marketing, innovation, technology and life in general. So we talk about those as well.


    If the job has been done right LMN will achieve the following:

    • Make logistics cool.
    • Give people something fun and informative to listen to. Sharing further the idea that logistics is cool.
    • Attract people to the industry so that the next generation of supply chain thrives.
    • Understand how things work, how to build innovation into the supply chain.


    The mantra for LMN is as follows:

    1. Value people.
    2. Give more than take.
    3. Two actions for every one conversation.



    Please note: LMN is created and run out of Melbourne, Australia and is updated as often as is possible.

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