• True cow

    What is it?

    An idea born at a hackathon to provide users with the information relating to true cost of ownership of their cars.

    Who's it for?

    The customers are people who want the info and care sellers who want to supply this information to their customers

    The status

    Current status is: Live


    Whats going on now?

    there's a website: www.truecow.com

    the goal?

    1. To validate the idea in the market
    2. Get support from a customer, get data
    3. Build the MVP - model product
  • the latest updates

    whats going on with trueCOW?

    We are talking to people who are interested in progressing the idea, though we are in the process of working out the next steps like getting into an accelerator program... this would be a great learning experience. The idea is legitimately worth a lot of value in various ways, will keep you...
    1. Find people you want to work with - not a nice experience but find people you could see yourself not having any serious personality clashes with… 2. Good ideas seldom come on their own. Explore the surrounding thoughts. 3. Don’t be offended, when you have an idea, it might be the capstone to...
    So we won the hackathon, and one of the prizes was that we were automatically selected to go through to the big deal, pitching at the Startup Vic event in front of a way bigger crowd with a wayyyy bigger prize pool.   To prepare, we spent days at RMIT till very late in the evening, practising. We...