• The Ideation Toolkit


    Hack your way to success with your own ideathon


    What is this? The ideation toolkit gives you the key steps to have your own ideathon


    Who is this for?

    • Small to medium companies: who are struggling for ideas.
    • Startups-entrepreneurs: who want to explore new opportunities.
    • People/teams/organizations/departments who want to identify the true issues, ideate, and test solutions before committing to executing them properly. i.e. warehouses (internal or 3PL operators), transport operators, purchasing departments, production plants or supply chain managers looking at the bigger picture.

      Download this kit for free when you sign up to the LMN email list, it gives you all the steps you need to come up with new ideas and work through them.

      Workshop Sessions

      Your business wants to innovate, you like what we have to offer and want to have us come to you and run an ideathon workshop. If this is you, send an email to connect@thelmnpost.com and we're happy to help. Start the process and download the free ideation toolkit here.

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