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truecow: outcomes

Lesson's learned

· trueCOW

1. Find people you want to work with - not a nice experience but find people you could see yourself not having any serious personality clashes with…

2. Good ideas seldom come on their own. Explore the surrounding thoughts.

3. Don’t be offended, when you have an idea, it might be the capstone to the point, but it also might be the beginning - don’t be offended when you pitch the idea and someone refines it by saying “this could be different”

4. Stick to the plan, and the plan is to achieve the goal. You have an output, we were tasked with pitching something at 1pm on Sunday. When it comes down to it, the goal is what you are looking to achieve and it's a good thing because it helps you work out what you focus on. I.e. if you sitting at 1230 arguing over the font, you went wrong two days ago. Make the sacrifices to semantics and focus on the goal, what the result will come from.

5. Practice makes perfect: we spent days at RMIT and turned a three week old idea into something pitchable to serious people … people who wear suits.