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whats next for LMN?

· whyLMN,Krystian

So when starting the LMN it was a challenge to really sum up what the point of this thing is, but after much much thinking it is a bit clearer. The LMN is a blog, it's a place to share stories of successes, failures and progressions. If you add a couple of letters to LMN it becomes JKLMN (because Jesse and Krystian) and if you add some more letters after that it becomes JKLNMOP (the Jesse and Krystian Logistics Media Network Of Progress)... an equally confusing acronym which takes just as long to explain as LMN…

Anyway, the ways this works now is very simple, we do stuff and we post about it. We do stuff for relating to logistics, startups, marketing, technology, ideas, (whatever else might come up) and we post it here. If its a project then there's a quick link to the landing page for that project to give you an idea of what’s going on. And on that page is a link to anything that has been posted about the project so that you can keep up with latest developments in the story.

The idea behind this is to avoid flooding people with a never-ending stream of content which is impossible to keep up with - especially if you go off-grid for a little while. So instead, in combination with my obsession for order and organization. We’ll post things under tags or topics, so when there are updates, there is a single repository for that information which makes it easy to get back up to date.

What do I really want to do? I have three rather ambitious goals:
1. To make logistics cool
2. To be 1% technologies to people and
3. Figure out how to make a business work because it’s always fascinated me (ideating and validating ideas) … and so that I can pay my rent… seriously I’m running out of time.

What is 1% tech? Marketing combined with the push for new content see’s the hyper-exposure of things which are new and cool and tech. And that is awesome, I love learning about these things, BUT if you look at the industry (logistics) and see what technologies people are actually using. It’s not as advanced as you might think, we’re talking Excel, pens, paper, and faxes… so although Amazon has a self-regulating supply chain, John Bob supplying chairs from a factory in Dandenong is still grappling with why he would bother counting his inventory. There is a huge gap between what the big players are doing and the little people (who happen to make up the majority of the economy).

That’s why I call them 1% technologies because the baseline is set by the 99% and they aren’t as advanced as we could be. My goal is to lift that baseline.

So there is the new version of LMN, the latest iteration, a content home for all of the projects myself and Jesse work on and a repository for what is learnt along the way.

Written By Krystian