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the truecow idea brief

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When you go to buy something these days, you research it online then go into a store and buy it. The bigger the purchase, the more research you’ll do. Now think about how much research and what information you want when buying a car. A lot is probably the answer.

Thinking about more than just the basics of “can I service the repayments, fill it with fuel and pay for rego” and look at how much it costs to run that car for a year. Statistically its just over 7k (for an average Australian in 2016).

TrueCOW is the true cost of owning wheels, so it looks to give you that information. Simply and easily so that you don’t have to go all over the place (with time you don’t have) to find it. Giving you a breakdown of fuel, rego, insurance, depreciation and helping the rational side of your decision-making process go “yeah that's a good purchase”.

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