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welcome back LMN

we're back from holiday!

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We are back! After a burning through some hardcore hustle with the epic peak of the Ideathon, LMN took a bit of a break (a month). But now the holiday is over and its straight back into the hustle and bustle of events, logistics, technology, marketing, startups and all the fun stuff in between.

What's the plan?

  1. Make great content: our podcast about startups, marketing, logistics (technology)
  2. Make money somehow: the Smegle kit (will be talked about soon)

We have some new goals too
Making great content is awesome, but what is the rest of the world doing? What are they hitting up in Beijing? Tel Aviv? San Fran? Cape Town? The startup scene is global and we want to explore the global side of it - how do people get down to the hustle in new places? That's what we want to find out and the LMN Startup World Tour is the goal plus we also want to play golf around the world, that's the secret part).

Goals for LMN 3 months ahead

  • Post something every day for 90 days
  • Understand our audience
  • Make great content
  • Provide value: projects
  • Make money to pay rent and finance the world tour

What are we doing now: what's the content look like?

  • Newsreel: the latest articles on the home page
  • JKLMNOP: the podcast about logistics, marketing, startups; new ideas and trends for each
  • The events page: what's coming up, what we are hosting as well
  • Projects: ideas, events (planning, hosting, attending), SME tools, new idealist
  • Hackathon Hustlers: LMN community channel

What we talk about and why
We talk about startups because that’s where new ideas come from, we talk about marketing because that’s how you communicate ideas and we talk about logistics because that’s how you get something done: execution. In other words: search for ideas, ways to promote which work, execution methods and growing our network of people (community) to help us do that. Sharing everything we can along the way
We want to be the best at finding ideas, validating them, communicating them and executing them

Written By Krystian