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introducing the LMN

what is LMN?

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  • What is this LMN post thing?

The LMN post is a blog. Not a verified peer reviewed resource, not a news publication. This is a place to (hopefully) find out about the world of logistics and supply chain and what it means to people.

  • Why do this?

Because I’m sick of going to parties and having to watch people fall quickly asleep when they hear the words “I work in logistics”, most probably because nobody (outside the industry) really knows what logistics and supply chain involves. Every other industry in the world has an attached understanding but LSC seems to draw a blank. Why do LMN? Because Logistics is awesome and more people should know.

  • Does it (LMN) stand for?

  1. Give first, ask second - be honest about not knowing things
  2. Make it clear and simple - logistics and supply chain can be complicated, we want to raise the bar for what people generally understand about L&SC
  3. Have fun and provide relevance - logistics isn't just graphs, spreadsheets and flow charts it's actually amazing and the opportunities coming through are too epic not to talk about
  • What do we want to do?

As of right now (because goals change...), there are two key goals for LMN...

Number 1: Tell people about logistics and how awesome it is (and it is awesome, you’ll see)

Number 2; Find out who is listening to us (... if someone is listening to us?)

  • Who are we trying to talk to

Logistics people but largely non-logistics people. Hopefully people in industry can relate to LMN, sharing their experiences (and solutions) so that we can learn.

But really, if LMN can generate even a mild shift in the way people perceive logistics (maybe even realizing how cool it is), LMN is a success.

  • What will be involved? How does it work

We will aim to put a fresh content post (get it… that's why it's called a LMN post), every week. And of course there is a Facebook page (@thelmnpost). If you want to get an email, then subscribe away... (email will work eventually, there's a lot going on... haven't really had time to work out all the moving parts)

The general process we want to follow goes something like this:

  1. Write a post about something, leave room for questions, answers and queries

  2. We’ll gather that feedback up for talking points

  3. Make a podcast elaborating on the lot of it

Each time we’ll try to provide you something worthwhile to read or listen to, then ask you questions accordingly, because as much as we’d like to think it, we don’t actually know everything

Why is logistics awesome?

Logistics is awesome because of the people in logistics, getting the work done. Who and what is a logistician?

Simply put: a bad-ass who eats shit and gets the job done, dealing with things that other people don't care about.

  • If you want an order sent out urgent - that's someone in the warehouse, that’s #logistics
  • If you want something transported - that a booking agent, fleet controller and truck driver, #logistics
  • If you want an order number or part or a quantity of that part found, because you don’t know how to look it up yourself in the system, because its too confusing and you didn’t get the proper training - someone from operations will most likely be the one to help you #logistics

A logistician is someone who gets things done, putting together the pieces, fills in the inevitable missing information and moves stuff (whether its: ice cream, tractors, clothes or pens) from where it is now to where it needs to be. By the right time, with the right amount of stuff and not broken... also, for a reasonable price

I mean... you can look at a whole bunch of industries and off the top of your head find some sort of association to each of them...

Cars = speed, power
Medicine = selflessness
Sales = sell me a car
Food = sharing and caring
Trades = home improvement
Marketing = queasy

Technology = clever (and rich)
Education = opportunity (homework??)
Investment = scam
Farming = hard, grit
Accounting = boring
Production = making
Transport = moving
Community service = help
Energy = bloody bills

Sport = competition

But for logistics right now… its a blank, nobody (generalizing the population) really knows, so the point of LMN is to help you associate the following: Logistics/a logistician = an organized badass that gets the job done

These people are basically superheros, with the knowledge you need when the systems break down but you need an outcome regardless. A logistician is there to help keep the ball rolling, yes systems help but when they fail, people are the best when something goes goes wrong. The best people in your business... they come from #logistics.

a podcast about this post

the disclaimer

We don’t pretend to know everything, nor should we ever do that, LMN’s purpose is to make logistics awesome and aggregate the best of what there is to talk about.

To this extent even though LMN is written and contributed to by people who care about the industry of logistics, should this be referenced in a university essay? Probably not, since opinions, comments and observations are not necessarily peer-reviewed scholarly resources...

Our credibility is based on experience and asking questions, listening and trying to gain a shared understanding. So as a reader (or listener), please, let us know what you think. If we did well, and especially if we have screwed something up - help us plug the gaps in our knowledge.

The end goal is to tell people about logistics, so read away, send us some feedback and let's work together to make logistics awesome.