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how to make lemonade

· whyLMN,Krystian

The site is called LMN... what good would we be if we didn't lean into it and give you an actual recipe for home made lemonade.

STEP 1: Get lemons - from a shop, or a tree, use (borrow?? ask??) your neighbors if you don't have any

STEP 2: Juice the lemons

STEP 2.5: Get a jug, cups, sugar, a stirring instrument, a camera

STEP 3: Add sugar

STEP 4: Add water

STEP 5: Stir and drink, adjust water and sugar content suitable to your taste

STEP 6: If you got to this point you'll be a little bit upset... because here is a 1 minute video on making lemonade

You're welcome.


Posted By Krystian

You're welcome.

Posted By Krystian