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autonomous vehicles

· techtrend,Krystian

Autonomous vehicles are unmanned ground vehicles that are capable of sensing their environment and navigating without human input.

- Australian Supply Chain Tech Survey

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Autonomous vehicles serve as transport solutions in the supply chain. A twist on the way you get goods from A to B by removing or changing what a driver does in the equation.

The future of this is exciting when you consider how mind-numbingly boring the Hume is from Melbourne to Sydney. Having a robot do the job is a very appealing idea. Along with all the other benefits of being able to predict performance, not having to stop for fatigue management reasons, and enabling a truly round the clock operation.

There are obvious issues like kangaroos, changing traffic conditions, other cars on the road. I could also imagine some clever criminals finding a way to trick a truck, pulling it over, and stealing everything in it... Plus once you get into a city, I’d still like to know that a 60 tone piece of heavy machinery is being successfully navigated by a human. These are the autonomous-industrial-programs I think will be most successful, ones which use a person to get out of the city, turn on the autopilot, then get a person involved again when they are arriving near the end point of the journey.

This means commercial truck drivers will have a more specialised job, or in other words, the tricky part of their job which people often ignore will now be highlighted like never before (think about the difficulty of reversing a truck or driving in traffic while being cut off by other drivers).

One last thing, say the word, Tesla, these days and try not to get heads turning, this is an electric car that can drive itself. We are living in the future. It's exciting, its great, and for the majority of people, this is what they need/want in their lives. However, I still don’t see a tradie using an autonomous ute...

Written By Krystian